Goal of the Month: October

This month I challenged myself to take a photo of something every day. I tried to take a photo of something that summed my day up, but after a couple of days I realised that a lot of those photos were going to be of work or uni or uni work :P So I decided to take a photo of something that I enjoyed doing each day or something I accomplished each day that made me happy.

Looking over the photos for this month makes me realise just how much we’re capable of getting done in four weeks!

Take a look and let me know what you think :)

A photo for every day of the month, and yes, it involves pizza. :P

Next month I’m going to challenge myself to box every day. I enjoy the exercise challenges a lot more than the others because they’re harder to stick to and that makes it more exciting to accomplish. I chose boxing because it’s my absolute favourite exercise to do!

What did you achieve this October?
Have you got any photos to share with me? Let me know! :)


Skyline of Auckland city, New Zealand

‘Sweet As’ Things to do in Auckland

Auckland is an amazing city to visit with plenty to do all year round! Whether you’re into nature and animals or you just want to go nuts with the shopping, this city is a little gem with a hell of a lot to offer. Take a look at my top 5 picks for things to do in Auckland. :)

Rangitoto Island
If you’re staying in Auckland, there’s no doubt you’ll want to know what all the fuss is about when it comes to their islands. Catch the ferry to Rangitoto Island, a volcanic island that’s virtually untouched by humans. There are no cafes or fancy restaurants on this island so you’ll have to eat on the ferry or pack your own lunch. The trip to the island was easily one of my favourite things to do in Auckland. The view from the top makes the climb well worth the exercise!
(*Note: they are a number of shorter and longer walks to pick, each are given to you on a map when you book your tickets to the ferry.)

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium
I don’t usually enjoy visiting aquariums normally because I find that they’re usually the same thing. But Auckland aquarium had one feature that my boyfriend and I just couldn’t pass up and that was the FREE shuttle bus that’s in the shape of a shark. Yep. A shark! The bus does round trips every ten minutes, picking you up from Queen Street and dropping you off at the aquarium and back. Besides the bus there are a number of exhibits that you wouldn’t see anywhere else. My favourite was the giant squid! :P

Sky Tower
It’s pretty hard to miss the Sky Tower, so why not take a look inside? The tower dominates Auckland’s skyline so you’ll have no trouble finding it on foot. Head to the top floor of the tower on a glass-floored elevator and you’ll get 360 degree views of the entire city (and beyond on a clear day). There’s a cafe on the top floor too! If you’re a lot braver than I am you can also bungee jump from the roof of the tower.

Auckland New Zealand Sky Tower

Sky Tower in Auckland, New Zealand

Queen Street is a great place to start when it comes to shopping. Not only are there plenty of clothing stores, souvenirs stores and take away shops on the street, but there are also a number of shopping centres off the main the street itself. Whether you’re after cheap clothing, high end fashion or even a good coffee and a bite to eat, Queen Street has got it all! You’ll also find other things to do on Queen Street such as bowling, mini golf or my personal favourite, Odyssey Sensory Maze.

Mission Bay
Tell anyone in Sydney that you’re planning a trip to New Zealand and they will most likely recommend Mission Bay. The beach here is meant to be one of the nicest beaches in Auckland. Unfortunately I was there in winter so swimming was a no-go. But Mission Bay was a lovely place. There’s a main street which isn’t anywhere as busy as the beaches in Sydney and NSW. Along the street is a bunch of restaurants, bars, cafes and of course, ice cream shops. ;)

If you want to head out from Auckland, Devonport is a great little island worth exploring. My boyfriend and I caught the ferry across for lunch and some shopping. We didn’t walk up to the top of the hill because it was far too windy but we were told the views were worth it. The main street which the ferry drops you off near is lined with music stores, book stores and a variety of cafes and restaurants. Keep in mind that a lot of these restaurants will be closed of a Sunday. It’s worth taking a stroll along the beach too!

Auckland holiday

We had a great time in Auckland! :)

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What are you planning on seeing on your trip to Auckland?
Already have a favourite thing to do in Auckland? Let me know! :)

Banana Breakfast Balls

2-Ingredient Breakfast Balls

If you’re like me and you don’t leave yourself much time to have breakfast in the morning then you’re going to love this! This is the sort of breakfast you can make the night before. You can even make enough for the week ahead if you’re good at planning!

Say goodbye to that boring porridge and hello to your new best friend, the 2-ingredient breakfast balls.

What you need:

1 cup oats
1 whole banana, mashed
Topping of your choice – I went with peanut butter but honey or brown sugar will work too

What you’re going to do

  1. First you’ll need to mash your banana
  1. Add your oats to the banana and mix the two together
  2. Roll the mixture into balls the size you desire.
  3. Before you dig in, heat them up in the microwave for around one minute – depending on how warm and soft you like your breakfast balls.
  4. Top with your choice of topping and you’re good to go!

*Notes: I made mine the night before and stored them in the fridge until the next morning.

I found that the bigger the ball, the more dry it was and adding peanut butter didn’t help. Keep the balls small or leave some chunks in your banana to give the balls a little more moisture.

This is one of my new favourite breakfasts! It definitely kept me as full as porridge did but I was able to cut dairy out of my breakfast.

What do you top your breakfast balls with?
Do you have a favourite breakfast recipe? Let me know! :)


Goal of The Month: September

This month I challenged myself to wear a different hair style every day. I filmed a snippet of each one to give you an idea of how they looked (also because I don’t have a name for all of them :P ).  This was a tough challenge because I don’t really give myself much time in the morning to dedicate to my hair. I’m usually happy with it brushed and sometimes I’ll tie it up. So it was tough coming up with 30 different hairstyles but hey, I did it!

Below the video I will list some of my favourite hair styles from the month.

So please watch and enjoy! :)

*I apologise now if some of them aren’t very clear. This was my first experience at filming a YouTube video! :P

My favourite hairstyles were the ones that didn’t take long to do but looked like they did. Days 1, 3 and 6 were probably my favourite out of the entire month. I also love fishtail braids but I never have the time to do them before uni or work so I’ll reserve those for the weekend. :P

Next month my goal is to take a photo of something every day. I’m going to focus on photos that sum up my entire day. Come back then and see how I go!

How do you like to wear your hair? I’d love to hear your favourite hair styles!
What did you achieve this month? Let me know! :)