Today’s shenanigans

Today being that dreaded day of the week, Monday, I was planning on spending the day procrastinating from doing any uni work. But what actually happened was I procrastinated from procrastinating from doing any uni work. Confused yet? :P What I did achieve was making a delicious mug brownie and having my hair pampered by my younger sister. Ok so I actually had a pretty good day. I guess Monday’s don’t always have to be awful! :)

I came across this recipe via Facebook, and decided to give it a go using two separate flavours.

What you’ll need:

¼ cup flour
¼ cup sugar
2 Tbl spoon cocoa (I used fat free)
pinch of salt
2 Tbl spoon vegetable oil
3 Tbl spoon water (you may need a little more than this)

Simply mix the dry ingredients in your mug then add the oil and water. Mix them together until they’re consistent. Once mixed through well, pop the mug in the microwave for 2 minutes. Then enjoy your mug brownie! So easy you’ll be crazing dessert every day from now on! (but who can blame you? :P)



My chocolate mug brownie. Delicious! :)

Before we enjoyed our delicious mug brownies, my sister who is currently studying to become a hairdresser gave me a makeover. Ok I’m exaggerating :P She did blow dry my hair for me though! Who knew simply blow drying and brushing your hair could make it look not only straighter, but much longer too!


How did you survive your Monday?
Got a simple and tasty mug recipe? Let me know!



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